A little ol’ introduction


As you’ve probably figured out by now, I’ll be off to Tanzania.
Alrighty, so I’ll go more in-depth about the situation.

This summer, starting July 15th, I’ll be off to Tanzania with an organization called Canada World Youth. Link below:
CWY is basically an organization that promotes youth learning through leadership and an unconventional teaching style through community involvement. Awesome right?

In Tanzania, our focus will be the environment. We’ll be doing composting, tree planting, seedling growing as well as raising awareness in the community by conducting workshops. We’ll also have an opportunity to pursue personal projects during this time, and my hope is to do something sports related or science related… or perhaps both.

Who do I mean by WE?
Hwells, I’ll be going with 11 other Canadian youth. In Tanzania, we’ll meet the 8 other Tanzanian youth. Pretty fantastic eh?

Now, you may or may not be asking: “KABISHA, WHY DO YA WANNA GO?”
If you’ve met me and been around me for a bit, you probably know that I’m hardcore when it comes to being involved in the community. “But Kabisha, whatever do you mean by hardcore?” I mean that I’m real passionate about being involved in the community and helping people, animals, and the environment.
Through this CWY experience, I hope to make a positive impact on the community I’ll be involved with (an eco-village near the city of Dar Es Salaam). I’m also hoping to grow as a person, to gain a new perspective on various cultural realities as well as various realities of people of different abilities, since I’ll be volunteering with individuals of different abilities. In addition, through the experience, I hope to gain more skills on being a better leader and a better team member.
I’m really big on sustainability, so my intention ISN’T to have this be a one-time thing where I gain from the experience and don’t give back. I want to bring back what I learned to Canada. If the opportunity is there, I will continue to stay involved, long-distance, with the community I worked with back in Tanzania. I’d also like to volunteer with CWY as one of their alumni. The list can go on and on about my plans for the future. (Not even kidding, I have a lot of plans haha.)

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